Combining Passions


One of the tough things about living abroad for a west-coast American like myself is the lack of good microbrew beers. Sure, every nation has its local favorites and regional styles but sometimes I just jones for a good Pale Ale or a rich ESB and they are few and far between outside of North America... let me tell you!

I've also been looking for photographic inspiration recently and I think I might have found my new calling. Microbreweries are popping up around Estonia and the beers they're producing are fabulous!

It was a very small leap to come up my next step of blending my two passions to bring you the first in a series of reviews of the growing number of Estonian craft beers. Enjoy!

American IPA

Alcohol Content: 7%

This cloudy, copper-colored IPA opens with a pleasing fruity aroma punctuated by hops. The head is brief and light brown in color and the first sip is a delight. The flavor of this medium bodied, very carbonated IPA is bright and inviting and not at all heavy or brooding like many IPAs. This is an IPA that begs to be consumed on a summer day but don’t start too early because that 7% ABV sneaks up to bite you.

Michael’s Scores- Appearance: 8. Aroma: 10. Flavor: 28. After Taste: 19. Drinkability: 30

Total: 95/100